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Welcome to Wiggin Memorial Library - Stratham's Public Library
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Library Policies
We have policies in order to maintain consistent, fair and exceptional library service to all Stratham residents. These policies determine how we add to (and remove from) the collection, who can have a library card and the rules for the card, expected library behavior, who can meet in the library and what can be displayed here, appropriate use of nonprint library resources (like the Internet and databases), and the library's overall mission.These policies may help you better understand how the library works for you. If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the library policies, please contact the Library Director, Lesley Kimball, at 772-4346 or by e-mail at

  • Behavior & Unattended Children Describing acceptable library behavior and rules for supervision of children in the library.
  • Building & Material Accessibility Policies regarding special needs and ADA-compliant accessibility.
  • Circulation This policy covers rules about loan periods, library cards, etc.
  • Collection Development Policy that directs what gets added or removed from the library collection, accessibility, donations, and concerns about items in the collection.
  • Equipment Loan Policy covering use of library equipment such as the large-screen television and LCD projector.
  • InterLibrary Cooperation Our policy regarding interlibrary loan and other types of cooperation with other libraries.
  • Internet Describes library rules about accessing the Internet through library computers.
  • Meeting & Display This policy covers the rules and decisions regarding meetings held or displays set up in the library.
  • Mission The Wiggin Memorial Library's Mission Statement -- what we're all about!
  • Personnel Policy  The library's personnel policy which also references the town's employee policies.
  • Response to Law Enforcement Policies and procedures for library staff when a request is received from any law enforcement officer.
  • Social Media Policies and procedures regarding the library's participation in social media sites.
  • Technology Policy This is the library's approach to using technology to provide services to the community.
  • Trustee By-Laws These by-laws govern the library's elected Board of Trustees.
  • Volunteer  This policy addresses volunteer service at the library.  Volunteer Application Form