Wiggin Memorial Library
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Trustee Bylaws
I.  Trustees are elected for a term of three (3) years on the regular town ballot.  Intention to run for the office must be filed with the Town Clerk at the specified time declared by the town office.
A.  (RSA 202A:14) No trustee of any public library shall receive any compensation for services rendered as such trustee…
B.  (RSA 669:75) Vacancies in the offices of…library trustee…shall be filled by appointment made by the board of selectmen at the recommendation of the Library Board of Trustees
C.  (RSA 202-A:6) The board shall be composed of five (5) elected members.
D.  (RSA 202-A:10) The Library Board of Trustees may recommend to the selectmen the names of no more than three persons who may serve as alternate voting members on the board of library trustees when elected members are unable to attend a meeting.~ The alternates are appointed for a one year term and have voting rights only when filling in for an absent trustee.  Alternates should attend every meeting and have the same commitment to library advocacy as regular trustees (see IV).
E.  After an election or appointment, a trustee or alternate trustee must take an oath of office before assuming any responsibilities for the position.
F.  The chairman shall be a person serving the last year of the current term unless otherwise voted by the board.  Chairman, treasurer and clerk shall be elected by the board annually. Elections for officers shall be held at the beginning of the first meeting following the annual town meeting.  

II.  The trustees shall hold monthly meetings at a definite time set by them:  time and place to be announced publicly.  Minutes of all meetings shall be kept and open to public inspection.  Meetings shall be open to the public except when discussing issues of personnel.  A motion to enter non-public session shall then be called.  Such sessions shall be conducted according to current state regulations and confined to those matters set forth in the motion.
A.  Each trustee is expected to attend at least seventy-five (75) percent of the yearly meetings.
B.  The trustees shall act as a board with final vote being duly recorded by the clerk.  A majority vote by members present is necessary for the following:  non-budgeted expenditure of over $400.00, change in policy, issues of personnel, and any public statement concerning the library.
C.  All minutes of the meetings shall be kept on file in the library as part of its permanent records.

III.  Trustees must join the New Hampshire Library Trustees Association (NHLTA) and are expected to attend its meetings.  In addition, trustees shall join the New Hampshire Library Association (NHLA).  Dues to both associations shall be paid from the general appropriation.

IV.  A trustee is expected to be active in the community, having the ability to work with other board members, staff and the public.  Above all, trustees should be open-minded and forward-looking, seeking all opportunities to best serve the interests of the library in its service to the community.

V.  The trustees are the governing body of the library.  Their duties shall include:
A.  Hiring of the library director.
B.  Formulation, adoption and revision of policies.  Policies are to be reviewed by the board on an ongoing basis.  Each policy should be reviewed every 3-5 years.
C.  Attainment of library standards set by the Library Development Services Section of the State Library.
D.  Maintenance of the present and future development of the physical facilities of the library.
E.  Submitting necessary reports to the town and state as required by law.
F.  Actively procuring adequate financial support for the library.
G.  Expending the town appropriation and all additional funds received for the best use of the library.
H.  Overseeing of financial records and bookkeeping.

VI.  The trustees with the library director shall make out a budget each year to be presented personally to the town budget committee.  This shall be a full-line budget in the format requested by the budget committee.  Trustees shall also be responsible for submitting written articles for inclusion in the town warrant when necessary.

VII.  The treasurer shall submit the financial statement for inclusion in the Town Report.

VIII.  The board shall assist the library director in preparing the report for the State Library

IX.  It is the practice of this board to request that trustees will serve not more than two (2) consecutive terms, not including appointments to fill a vacant position.  After stepping down for at least one (1) year, a trustee may choose to run again for an open seat on the board or seek to be appointed an alternate trustee.

Rev. 5/2009